Life Coaching

Dispelling the myths...

"Your 20s and 30s are defining years, with overwhelming decisions to make that have the potential to shape your whole future..."

What is Life Coaching?

Life Coaching aims to help people set, work towards and meet their goals. These can be goals relating to all areas of life, such as work, career, love, relationships, finance, wellbeing and happiness. Life coaching can help you break through emotional barriers that may be blocking you from fulfilling your goals and achieving the life you want.

A good life coach will listen actively to your current reality, asking the right questions at the right times and listening to what you want to achieve. They will provide confidential and objective support and motivation, and will empower, rather than give instruction or advice.

Why Life Coaching?

We all know the feeling of sitting down on a Sunday night, or at the beginning of the year, and making grand plans in our head about the things we are going to change and achieve. Even with the best intentions, however, it’s not always easy to achieve our goals on our own.

A life coaching session provides you with a period of time away from the daily grind and the opportunity to focus on you. By making the decision to have life coaching, you are taking ownership of your happiness and working towards being the best version of you.

Is Life Coaching like counselling?

No. Neither is it advice-giving or solving people’s problems for them. Counselling typically concentrates on the origin of a problem or issue and gives focus to that, whereas life coaching gives emphasis to moving forward and working towards a goal.

Having a ‘problem’ to tackle isn’t a prerequisite of coaching. Many people who are perfectly happy in their lives turn to coaching in order to help work towards a particular goal they have in mind.

How many sessions will I need?

In order to allow time to settle into the process and work on your goals over a period of a few weeks or months, clients generally find six sessions are ideal for experiencing extensive progress and success.

One-off sessions are possible but an investment in a course of sessions is likely to yield better results.

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