Getting Back to Basics After Failed IVF

14.07.2019 GeorginaLucy

  I heard somewhere recently (don’t ask me where as I don’t remember) that simplicity is the opposite of stress…


How to Manage Worry

08.09.2018 GeorginaLucy

  So, am I a worrier? Well, to be totally honest, yes I bloody am! Certainly whilst growing up I…


3 Tips for Stressful Days

Stressful day
19.08.2018 GeorginaLucy

  I’m often sharing what I like to call my ‘happy habits’ – the things that keep my wellbeing in…


Career, expectations and finding meaning…

01.07.2018 GeorginaLucy

  One of the areas of my life that’s given rise to most anxiety over the years is career. I’ve…


Is it Possible to Rewrite Your Story?

10.06.2018 GeorginaLucy

  I’ve been thinking lots about the topic of reinvention lately, since it was the dossier in the June issue…


Mindfulness Retreat: a day well spent

03.06.2018 GeorginaLucy

  I’ve mentioned before over on my Instagram page that, in my day job, I’m a ‘mindfulness champion’ and that gives…


How to make a decision

22.04.2018 GeorginaLucy

  When faced with a big decision to make I’ve often wished I had a crystal ball to tell me…


How to Handle Conflict

30.03.2018 GeorginaLucy

  I’ll start by saying, I hate confrontation and I hate conflict and avoid it at all costs.  So when…


3 Tips for Dealing with Overwhelm

18.03.2018 GeorginaLucy

  Feeling overwhelmed is something we all experience from time to time and we all have a different ‘overwhelm threshold.’ …


Ladies, let’s talk about your role in the home…

08.03.2018 GeorginaLucy

  It’s International Women’s Day  and I wanted to mark the occasion by blogging about something I’ve been thinking a…


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