Bridal Coaching

Ensuring the perfect day

"With the added pressures of people to please and budgets to (try) and stick to, the whole experience of planning your wedding can quickly become overwhelming."

Preparing you for your special day

Think of ‘wedding planning’ like ‘marathon training’. A fitness coach is a huge help during the marathon training process, keeping the runner on track and motivated in achieving their goals. A bridal coach does exactly the same, but instead of an intense training schedule, it’s a very long list of ‘wedmin’ tasks that’s being followed!

Sometimes, it can be difficult for brides to discuss their wedding at length with another person. They are often nervous of being dubbed a ‘bridezilla’, and are cautious of boring their friends, family and work colleagues with wedding chat 24/7. However, bridal coaching allows you the time and space to speak, for an entire hour, about your wedding, with no judgement and no infliction of boredom on the person at the receiving end!


Do you need help with the following?

  • Getting organised
    Step by step

    Breaking down the huge task of planning a wedding into achievable goals is vital in ensuring that, come the day itself, you can take off your ‘wedding planning hat’ and enjoy your wedding.

  • The to-do list
    Clear direction

    In each session, we will evaluate the to-do list, and you’ll soon experience the satisfaction of ticking off tasks as you work your way through it.

  • Making decisions
    Let you voice be heard

    When it comes to weddings, everyone has an opinion and it can be hard to make decisions based on what you want.

    How many bridesmaids will you have and who will they be? How can you agree on a guest list and keep everyone happy? How can you find suppliers you love without blowing the budget? Who should sit on the top table?

    Bridal coaching offers the opportunity to assess pros and cons, work out priorities and arrive at decisions that feel right for you.

  • Encouraging Mindfulness
    Enjoying your day

    The wedding day is a blur for many brides, and in worst-case scenarios, brides can spend time worrying about the little things rather than soaking up every precious second of the day.

    Mindfulness practice encourages a sense of calm, helping brides tackle their wedding planning in a methodical way. Stress is minimised and brides are well equipped to get the most out of their wedding experience – both in planning and on their special day.

  • Wedding Buildup
    Tackling an array of issues

    It sometimes seems like weddings put a magnifying glass over everyday life, bringing niggles to the surface – financial worries, work stress and relationship struggles with friends and family, to name but a few.

    By discussing them with a bridal coach, you can begin to find solutions to the unexpected issues as well as the expected ones.

If you are a bride or groom in need of support throughout the wedding planning process, get in touch and we can arrange a no-obligation-chat about how we can work together to make sure your wedding experience is the very best it can be.

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