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3 Tips for Stressful Days

Stressful day


I’m often sharing what I like to call my ‘happy habits’ – the things that keep my wellbeing in good shape. Things like meditation and journaling for example. However, there are those moment when even my usual go-to strategies don’t work. So, what do I do in those moments?

Side note – if you’re engaged and the wedding is approaching then these tips can be applied to the wedding build-up, and you may also like another post I’ve done on the final countdown.

A bit of TLC

I had a week recently where I was feeling really quite stressed and anxious and I really felt that I needed to soothe myself. What I would have loved was to have gone to a spa for a day, shut out the worries of the world and get pampered. Sadly, that wasn’t possible. So I found myself sat up in bed giving myself a foot rub.  Stay with me…

You may be wondering how this actually helped me to calm down and de-stress. I think it was the act of really giving focus to something physical. I was truly in the moment which helped my mind detach from the worries and stressful thoughts. Also the smell of the foot lotion was quite relaxing (if you know me and know my feet, you may feel queazy right now #soz)

Maybe foot rubs aren’t your thing. Maybe it’s a neck rub or shoulder rub. Anything that allows you to practice some kindness and love towards yourself. A wonderful act of self-care I say!

Walking meditation

Sometimes when I’m feeling highly stressed and my mind is all jumbled mediation just doesn’t work for me. The stressful week I referred to above was a good example. I must have had about five failed meditations that week. One of them was even in a group setting and I had to just admit defeat. I know that it’s in those times that we need meditation the most but it just wasn’t working.

What I do find works at those times is a walking meditation. I’ve done it many times on a lunchtime if I’m having a challenging day and it’s amazing how well this one can work. I think it’s something about the rhythm of walking and how I can get it to match my steps. There is more to focus on than when I’m simply sat cross legged on the floor. I’ll focus on my feet on the pavement, the breeze on my skin and will often say a little mantra in my head as well. ‘I am calm’ or ‘I am still’ often works a treat in those stressful moments.

If you want to hear about non-walking meditation and how I use that on a daily basis (when I’m not mega stressed) then have a watch of this YouTube video I did a while ago.

Zone out

When I’m feeling quite anxious and worried about something I feel as though I need a holiday from my brain. I bet you relate to that feeling don’t you?  Sometimes I simply can’t face writing down my feelings which I know does often work for me. Sometimes I just need to zone out.

My go-to zone out method is to watch YouTube videos. I find make-up tutorials the best as there is something really relaxing about watching someone do make-up. That’s what I find anyway. I also LOVE make-up and beauty so it allows my mind to think of something else and fantasise about my next beauty purchase. Maybe beauty isn’t your thing, but whatever your guilty pleasure, I guarantee there will be YouTube videos about it.

So these are just a few things that have helped me lately. What helps you when you’re feeling uber stressed? DM on Instagram or Facebook as I love hearing from you and if you want to make sure you never miss a blog post you can sign up to my mailing list here.

Georgina x

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